Wayapa Wuurrk

Wellness & Earth Connection

A practice based on ancient knowledge and wisdom.

Connect to the land and to yourself

Today many of us are disconnected from the land, from our community, from our food and from our self.

Through narrative meditation and movement, Wayapa provides a sense of belonging to the Earth while creating holistic wellbeing.

The profound message in the practice is a reminder that caring for the Earth is fundamental to caring for ourselves.


Steph May

Steph May is  based in the Eastern region of Melbourne.

She has been sharing Wayapa since her graduation from the first cohort of Wayapa Wuurrk practitioners in November 2016.

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Session Details

Group Wayapa sessions incorporate a movement practice, a guided visualisation, sharing and connection with one another on the Wayapa philosophy.

People leave feeling a great sense of connection and a full reservoir of peace and wellness.

Wayapa sessions also be tailored into a longer program to meet your needs.

Connect with Steph to discuss a session tailored to your needs.

Connect with Steph

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